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Just a little note in January 2020, during our off-season.

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Bjorn and Bill talk about the end of season, two of Rogue Tyger, some of the shows coming up for the rest of the year and 2020 as well as pause to ask for your help in keeping all this audio theater going.

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On a mission to rescue royal diplomats, the crew journeys to a distant moon. Will they arrive in time?

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Bjorn and Bill talk about all the shows that will be coming up for our 2019 season including a special live performance in the DC area on May 25th at Escape Velocity.

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In which JAT artistic director, Bjorn Munson, mentions we're a month away from the 2019 season, and a little bit of what's in store then... and before then!

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We close our inaugural season delving deep into Quorum and giving you some bonus scenes you only heard part of!

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Bjorn takes the opportunity to talk a little about how the live performance of "War of the Worlds, 2018" came to be. For the remainder of the episode, Bill talks about the inspirations behind our next regular series: Quorum as well as to what to expect from our first installment: The Gambler's Tale: Outstanding Debts.

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With season one of Rogue Tyger finished, Bjorn and Bill talk at length about the making of the series including the characters, how some of the sound effects were created. We also touch on next week's special broadcast of War of the Worlds.

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Join JAT artistic director Bjorn Munson and associate artistic director William R. Coughlan as they talk about what's in store for Jabberwocky Audio Theater's inaugural season on the air. Okay, it's mainly Bjorn talking, but that totally has nothing to do with Giant Death Robots. Probably.

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In which we make sure you know about our live performance of War of the Worlds this Memorial Day weekend as part of Escape Velocity, a science fiction expo at National Harbor in the Washington, DC area.

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In which we reassure you, the listeners, that the spacetime odds are in your favor.... insofar as you now can hear all five episodes of "The Pilot," Rogue Tyger's -er- pilot serial. Also, we're going to be on the air later this year with the rest of the season and a whole other production.

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The crew of the Tyger must assess the damage done to their ship and themselves, all while trying to escape the ruthless enemy ships pursuing them.

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