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July 2012. As events come to a head, Jimmy Harmon finds himself finally confronting the conspirators behind the White Bluff Restoration Trust. But as the situation escalates, Jimmy is forced to grapple with an uncomfortable realization — and the sudden loss of a key ally. Unable to escape, Jimmy finds himself in mortal peril as the plotters take whatever action they can to prevent their schemes from coming to light — in shockingly extreme fashion.

Rated AD-PG, so parental guidance is suggested

Contains semi-adult language (“ass,” a few instances of “bitch” and “SOB,” JC’s name in vain, “crap” and descriptive variants thereof, “damn” and associated variations, including “GD,” “dumbass,” “jackass,” “pissant,” “screwed over,” multiple uses of “hell”), horse-race gambling, homicide by firearm, threatening with a gun, hand-to-hand violence with lethal outcome, unsafe flying (with a shameful lack of proper seatbelt usage), and nefarious scheming of the world-dominating variety.

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