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We close our inaugural season delving deep into Quorum and giving you some bonus scenes you only heard part of!

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Professional poker player Jimmy Harmon’s time in Las Vegas has been anything but routine. A bomb set by a henchman named Watson — ostensibly in the employ of Las Vegas gangster Wiktoria Sałkiewicz — has apparently led to the death of Harmon’s friend Will Archer. 

Harmon makes his way to the Remington Hotel, only to discover his role model “Big Mike” Dalton, part owner of online gaming site All-In Poker, has been deeply involved in the past week’s activities — though the veteran player was unprepared for the latest turn.

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Professional poker player Jimmy Harmon has been dogged by a string of misfortunes and mysteries. Trying to stay ahead of Las Vegas gangster Wiktoria Sałkiewicz has seemingly led to the death of his friend Will Archer, in a car bomb apparently meant for him. Harmon finds himself interrogated by Las Vegas police detective Ben Marshall, but is reluctant to pin the blame on the mobster. Further inquiry implies that Sałkiewicz herself may be the target of unknown forces intent on buying out the Limelight Hotel that she makes her home base. But before Wiktoria can reveal the full scope of her suspicions on the true culprit behind the attempt on Harmon’s life, they find themselves under attack. Narrowly escaping the assailants, Harmon heads out of town, but ends up pursuing another trail with fellow gambler Rachael Leblanc — commonly known as “Peeps.” Tracking the body’s demise back to the Lyon Majestic Hotel, Harmon and Peeps uncover a cadre of federal agents keeping a secret witness, Peter Sokolov, under wraps, along with information about significant action to be taken the following day. One step ahead of the agents, Harmon makes his way to the Remington Hotel, where his friend “Big Mike” Dalton, mainstay of the Vegas poker scene and front man for the online poker website All-In Poker, has offered to help. But an inopportune slip cues Harmon into a new, as-yet-unanticipated threat.

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From poker player to amateur gumshoe, Jimmy Harmon has been following a trail of mystery in and around Las Vegas: from a car bomb that appears to have killed his friend, Will Archer, to a shootout between gangster Wiktoria Sałkiewicz and a cadre of SUV-driving assailants to a cryptic plea from a terrified dancer to a half-buried body in the desert. Harmon and fellow poker player, Peeps, manage to sneak their way into the Lyon Majestic hotel and into the room of the mysterious "money man" they believe is behind everything... only to discover a new twist. Barely escaping ahead of the federal agents whose nest they've stumbled into, Harmon and Peeps emerge into the hotel lobby only to face a renewed threat...

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Sought out by multiple unknown adversaries, from Las Vegas gangster Wiktoria Sałkiewicz to what seemed to be two factions of black SUV-driving pursuers, poker player Jimmy Harmon has followed a trail of bread crumbs given to him by a Las Vegas dancer named Amber. Deciphering Amber's cryptic message, Harmon and fellow poker player Peeps discover the body of a prostitute, Jasmine, half-buried in the Nevada desert. Tracing the body back to a local brothel, Harmon is rebuffed in his attempts to gather more information, but the savvy Peeps is able to assemble conclusions from seemingly obscure details. Barely managing to evade their pursuers, Harmon resolves to return to the city to confirm their suspicions and investigate further... 

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A special bonus for JAT listeners: the complete track of one of jazz tracks we recording specifically for Quorum.


Brooks Tegler, whom many listeners probably know as Captain Reg Macorum on Rogue Tyger, is also an accomplished jazz musician and band leader. We used much of his music for Quorum, but we didn't quite have what we needed for the "chase music." So what we did we do? Ask Brooks to do what he does best: organize a group of seasoned pros to record some new tracks.

This is one of the takes from that recording session.

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Poker player Jimmy Harmon has found himself embroiled in a struggle between Las Vegas gangster Wiktoria Sałkiewicz and one, or more, sets of opponents with unknown motives. But his escape is nearly derailed when a local dancer, Amber, is attacked in broad daylight. With the help of fellow gambler, Peeps, Harmon is well on his way back to California when he gets sidetracked by a mysterious message given to him by Amber before the assault...

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Poker player Jimmy Harmon had been hoping to recover some of his diminished bankroll, but found himself caught in the middle of a conflict between shady Las Vegas gangster Wiktoria Sałkiewicz and unknown assailants desperate to take her out -- the conflict that has apparently already taken the life of his friend, Will Archer...

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Deeply indebted poker player, Jimmy Harmon, is desperately trying to evade the clutches of his investor: shady Las Vegas gangster Wiktoria Sałkiewicz. After coming up short in his attempts to restore his bankroll by calling in old debts, he moves quickly to leave town. But his plans are stopped cold when his friend, Will Archer, goes to get Harmon's car... 

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Coming up short in his attempts to call in debts from veteran poker player “Big Mike” Dalton, Jimmy Harmon has resolved to leave town before his chief creditor, Wiktoria Sałkiewicz, catches up with him. But when he encounters quirky fellow poker player Peeps, a sudden and dramatic turn of events may set him along another path.

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Down-on-his-luck poker player Jimmy Harmon finds himself back in Las Vegas in an attempt to replenish his meager bankroll. But it appears that one of his less-than-reputable creditors, Wiktoria Sałkiewicz, has caught up to him... and is not particularly scrupulous as to how she recovers her investment.

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Throughout history, there has always been a chasm between the bulk of humanity and the enigmatic circle who hold true dominion. Those whose influence remains shrouded, save for the rare instances when their designs cross into the outside world... and the real-world repercussions of their schemes can play out with dramatic results.

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Bjorn takes the opportunity to talk a little about how the live performance of "War of the Worlds, 2018" came to be. For the remainder of the episode, Bill talks about the inspirations behind our next regular series: Quorum as well as to what to expect from our first installment: The Gambler's Tale: Outstanding Debts.

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Recorded before a live audience in May 2018, this Jabberwocky update to H.G. Wells' classic "War of the Worlds" gets a Jabberwocky takes us to a special radio broadcast in October 2018 where we learn of mysterious power outages and "seismic activity" in the Washington, DC area. Could this be related to strange gas eruptions on the planet Mars?

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With season one of Rogue Tyger finished, Bjorn and Bill talk at length about the making of the series including the characters, how some of the sound effects were created. We also touch on next week's special broadcast of War of the Worlds.

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Aidan, Enling, and Tormar are fighting to escape a wrecked courier, aided by a mysterious robot, while Grainne and Reg look for an opening to rescue their crewmates.

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On a routine salvage job, Aidan, Enling, and Tormar find themselves trapped on the wreck... with an armed boarding party closing in.

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Exploring a wrecked courier in a far-off star system, Captain Macorum’s old ship, the Silver Star, appears out of nowhere -- and her new captain doesn’t like competition.

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Far away from the core system, the band of adventurers on board the Tyger have found a wrecked ship in the remote star system of Russahn. But will their search bring them riches or ruin?

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Taking leave of the intrigue of Flatrock, the Tyger crew travels far off the beaten path in search of riches. Will they find what they're looking for in the seemingly deserted star system of Russahn?

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Aidan finds himself facing down the barrel of blaster in the hands of a dead man -- even while agents of the Zenocrate Cartel hunt him and Captain Macorum down in the wilds of the Two-Forty. Tune in to the exciting conclusion of Flatrock!

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Thanks to a tip by Flatrock fixer Vic Ratha, Aidan and Reg are off to "the Two-Forty," the artificial moon's nature preserve, where Louie Hardin's partner, Icarus Crane, may be hiding. But how will they find him? And how does Zenocrate factor into it all?

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Evading cops and booby traps, Reg and Aidan are left with a dead body and lots of questions. Will a visit to Morgantown and Vic Ratha provide the answers?

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The tangled webs continue to be woven this week as the Tyger's crew continue to deal with skullduggery on the Frontier port of Flatrock. What fates await Reg Macorum and his crew, especially Aidan?

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The Tyger has left the Haapsalu system for the celebrated Frontier port of Flatrock. But what fates await Reg Macorum and his crew, especially Aidan?

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Join JAT artistic director Bjorn Munson and associate artistic director William R. Coughlan as they talk about what's in store for Jabberwocky Audio Theater's inaugural season on the air. Okay, it's mainly Bjorn talking, but that totally has nothing to do with Giant Death Robots. Probably.

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In which we make sure you know about our live performance of War of the Worlds this Memorial Day weekend as part of Escape Velocity, a science fiction expo at National Harbor in the Washington, DC area.

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In which we reassure you, the listeners, that the spacetime odds are in your favor.... insofar as you now can hear all five episodes of "The Pilot," Rogue Tyger's -er- pilot serial. Also, we're going to be on the air later this year with the rest of the season and a whole other production.

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Finishing repairs in the nick of time, the crew of the Tyger are forced into a desperate plan to escape the Nokari mercenaries closing in on them.

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The crew of the Tyger race to repair the ship, treat their injured pilot, and come up with a way to escape as the Nokari mercenaries comb the asteroid field looking for them.

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The crew of the Tyger must assess the damage done to their ship and themselves, all while trying to escape the ruthless enemy ships pursuing them.

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The crew of the Tyger are being pursued by a mysterious ship right after leaving the spaceport of Haapsalu. Are these simple, run-of-the-mill commerce raiders or something more sinister? More to the point, can they escape?

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Aidan Vosky, a youth trapped on an uneventful planet in the backwater Haapsalu system longs to travel among the stars. He goes to the spaceport in an effort to join the crew of one of the vessels... but may get more than he bargained for when he meets the crew of the Tyger.

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