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In which we reassure you, the listeners, that the spacetime odds are in your favor.... insofar as you now can hear all five episodes of "The Pilot," Rogue Tyger's -er- pilot serial. Also, we're going to be on the air later this year with the rest of the season and a whole other production.

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Finishing repairs in the nick of time, the crew of the Tyger are forced into a desperate plan to escape the Nokari mercenaries closing in on them.

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The crew of the Tyger race to repair the ship, treat their injured pilot, and come up with a way to escape as the Nokari mercenaries comb the asteroid field looking for them.

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The crew of the Tyger must assess the damage done to their ship and themselves, all while trying to escape the ruthless enemy ships pursuing them.

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The crew of the Tyger are being pursued by a mysterious ship right after leaving the spaceport of Haapsalu. Are these simple, run-of-the-mill commerce raiders or something more sinister? More to the point, can they escape?

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Aidan Vosky, a youth trapped on an uneventful planet in the backwater Haapsalu system longs to travel among the stars. He goes to the spaceport in an effort to join the crew of one of the vessels... but may get more than he bargained for when he meets the crew of the Tyger.

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