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Artistic Director Bjorn Munson gives a general update on the state of things in the Tulgey Wood in June, 2022 (spoiler: some not good, but some good).

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Associate Artistic Director William R. Coughlan gives you an update on one of our new series in development as well as talks a bit more about this month's bonus for Patreon backers.

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A brief update for February 2022. Learn a bit more about our current and future offerings with our promo reel at: https://www.jabberaudio.com/2022/01/25/new-jabberwocky-audio-promo-for-2022/

Plus learn more about this month's Patreon bonus at: https://www.jabberaudio.com/2022/02/07/leaving-las-vegas-gambling-in-california/


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